Wednesday June 3rd The Coronet Diaries

WHO COULD HAVE IMAGINED BECOMING SOCIALLY DISTANCED FROM ONE'S CHILD? I had not intended to write another entry until we discover what awaits us on the other side of the 'Orange Zone', but two observations have prompted me to do so. The first of almost no consequence and yet it is small domestic contingencies, easily [...]

Saturday 9th May The Coronet Diaries.

Everyone it seems is watching Normal People. I mentioned that at least three people during the course of Zoom sessions last week appealed to me to watch it. While they thought I would it enjoy it, they also thought it would communicate to me something more or unspoken about themselves, or in other instances about [...]

Tuesday 21st April.The Coronet Diaries.

LAUREN BACALL IN 'SWEET BIRD OF YOUTH' 1985 (photo John Haynes) I have not succeeded in finding the metaphysical quote about 'owning your face' that precedes George Orwell's. My horn-playing, croissant baking, child training, civil servant, Rapunzel emailed me in the night to volunteer the reference below about character and the middle-aged face. I shall [...]