Jane Haynes

Photo by John Haynes

I am curating A Dream Symposium on the 21st June…

Tresillian House Dream Retreat

Memories, Dreams and Landscape: The Restorative and Formative Powers of the Imagination

Nature and Nurture.

Spirit of the Place

Adam Phillips speaking at the SITE 2023


Good Friday 7th. April 2023

Laurence Sterne offers me a definition of therapy.

Anna Karenina and the genius of Tolstoy

Missing you Hilary

A green thought in a green shade.

Vivienne Westwood Queen of Punk

Howl: Allen Ginsberg

An inaccurate Map of our Pain:

“Hope” is the thing with feathers

Hove last night of the month

Divine Dido’s 8th Birthday

Spring Cream Blossom /Highgate Woods/ March

Word of the week if not the month

Fear of Needles

Swallows returning on anniversary of Lockdown March 2020

More Swallows, and nostalgia for days before we ever heard the word COVID-19

A host of golden daffodils

Proust and Poppies

The vale of ‘Soul-making’



More about MONEY… EM Forster

Word of the month: Variolation

Word of the month: Serried

Picture of the month. Tree Predator: The Shadow of COVID

Where has the June sun departed to …

Poem of the month

Picture of the month. Dido

Black History Week.

The last patch of light

Juno our new pup and my Covid consolation

Ominous Omicron – will it end with a bang or a whimper?

Perhaps the most powerful documentary about the vagaries of the body I have watched

Go! Into 2022 with Health and Hope (photo cc John Haynes 2020)

Ukraine Invasion Thursday 24th February 5.55 AM

The centre cannot hold

Creation comes from an overflow

Eve’s Attire: modesty, Judaism and the female body by Delphine Horvilleur.

Froggy would a-wooing go

Lilith, the primordial she devil, or screech-owl and The Curse of knowledge