In 2009 Hilary Mantel and I discussed Mind, Mood and Sleep at Dartington Festival. The London Magazine has now published the transcript…

‘Hilary and I met in 1995 and quickly became friends, bonding over our mututal respect for R.D. Laing. Hilary had been deeply influenced by him during her brief period as a social worker. I had worked as Laing’s personal assistant and helped to produce The Dialects of Liberation congress in 1967 before training to become a Jungian psychoanalyst.

Although we do not discuss R.D. Laing in this conversation, it was this connection that drew us into an immediate friendship when we first met for lunch at the Overseas Club in St. James’s.

Over the years, whether in or out of touch, Hilary was always tucked away inside my mind. Her words woven into the fabric of my being. I am certain she’ll continue to occupy a similar space in the minds of her readers. It fills me with joy to know that her written work will join the immortals on a plinth of a literary Acropolis.’

To see the full conversation, read on the London Magazine site here.