Dream, 4th March, Suzannah

A vast concrete platform structure high above me, in the process of construction. There were pulleys and gears with ropes and steel cables pulling another similar piece from the bottom right hand side of my vision towards the first structure. Possibly joining together two parts of a flyover? As the winch cables were being hoisted, a man falls off and lands, fatally, on his head in the distance. 

There is another structure, this time ‘an important walkway’, and I see that it is badly damaged. Scene shift to a dark kitchen. At the bottom of the unit is a body slumped. A male goes over to the body and it is apparent that this is a mother who has been killed by this broken thing, and it is my fault. I did not sound the warning of this structural defect.

Scene shifts to my own rolling pastures. A fence separates us from neighbours and it is them who come onto my land and use lifting gear to hoist their Quad bikes from our land to theirs. At this point I find a tiny black lamb, possibly dead, so I resuscitate it by rubbing it back to warmth and breath and life. 

Scene shifts to a squalid slum, and as ‘compensation’ (for what IDNK) I am permitted to stroll around a filthy street bazaar. There on the ground are a tame flock of Crested Cockatoos, all creamy white, or shades of immaculate pale yellow, including their eyes.

Dream fades