Dream, 14th April, Anonymous

The first part of the dream takes place in a very depressing landscape. A dreary wasteland. There is a dead fox lying on the side of the road. It´s expected to start raining and I´m wondering how much worse can this get. Then I´m walking in a cheery but little dull small town with my husband. It´s sunny and I´m looking at the different houses. On my left I notice a pink house with small turrets like a miniature castle. I want to take a closer look. Now I can see a Chapel on the ground floor. Suddenly we´re inside a big very old Cathedral. It´s quite a dark place with some illumination provided by candles. There are many intricately carved friezes and figures on the walls. A few have fallen on the floor and are partly broken. One is of Jesus and another one of a woman probably a female saint. I want to put them back upright but worry I might cause more damage. There are many other people in the Cathedral and even some cats. I move around in awe.