Dream, 9th June, Nick

I  was in a valley in Bolton with my brother and a life long friend. We came across a river with a deep clear pool. I can see different coloured boulders below the water, and green plants swaying with the current. 

Without hesitation i get into the water fully clothed and soon a creature comes toward me. It floats in my direction without moving its limbs. 

It is half frog and half dog with the skin of a snake. It has vibrant green red yellow and black colours and a thick short body with the face of a small hound. Like a sweet young Weimaraner. And the short hands and feet of a tree frog. 

This weird thing wanted to be held to my chest. It wanted connection from me. My love and protection. Its innocence threw me because I was unnerved by the strange shape of its being. Would it poison me? Would it be gross to touch?  I was afraid but also moved and touched by its need and trust for me. I hold it and tread water. It looks into my eyes and then away. I feel it has a sense of relief… 

Now the forest becomes enchanted. I notice streams of light coming through the trees and the leaves of these trees throw dappled light on the vibrant green grass that’s the floor of the wood. 

My brother and mate are nowhere to be seen and this is of no concern. I’m holding this what now feels like a new born oddity and trying to makes sense of how I feel.

Frightened, beguiled, blessed and honoured that it wants to be with me. 

Thoughts fill me…

Will I have whatever it will takes to nurture it? How will I explain to anyone I meet what this is and why I’m looking after this thing? Who else would know what to do with it? Would it go with anyone else? Am I just not bold enough to take on something this strange and exotic. Something that will demand attention and commitment and questions about what it is about me that would want to keep it? 

Why not just drown it in the pool? 

That thought never crossed my mind… Maybe it’ll be no effort to hold this creature… In the moment it reached out to me, i felt fear and fortune…