Dream, 6th May, Anonymous

I had left my car overnight in a cul- de- sac, when I returned to collect it in the morning after the weekend, there was a council van blocking the road and several other trade vans scattered in the street.  I decided to go in search of my car and someone to ask to let me out, it was difficult to get through the hazards of parked cars, vans, and rusty tractors.   Then I became aware of these swarthy men dressed in monotone work-clothing. They were moving in patterns in an unusual dance like and ritualistic way.  They spoke with a country accent which I thought was East Anglian. They were also chanting peculiar words that I thought to be unsavoury, some kind of cult or religious sect that I wanted nothing to do with.  At that moment I saw that the opening to the road was now open and hurried to reach it to tell someone to leave the space for me to drive out, but the clutter of the parked cars became gradually more intense, the cars were closing in around me and I heard someone whisper my name, I thought in fear that I wasn’t going to get out.