Dream, 29th March, Anonymous

Six months ago I had a dream about an old boyfriend from before I met my husband Michael. I was 18 he was 27. Only trouble was he was married. When you’re 18 you don’t think about it. We worked together at IBM computers in Nottingham and I havent thought about him in  years. 

The dream was nice but not naughty. Were in the Co-op and he said we must go out for a drink, and I said “oh no! We can’t you’re married”, and he said “maybe, but I won’t give in and I’ll keep asking you”.

Next day I in real life, I wished I had gone with him in the dream, and determined to try to dream about him when next going to bed. After two nightime wakenings without dreaming, I did. We were in a car, driving through Devon or Cornwall, with high hedges, the sea in the back ground, and he was making me laugh and smile, and I woke up laughing and I thought “what a nice dream”.

This is the strange thing: October time November, I received a flyer through the letterbox. Slimming world in Farnsfield. The surname Winson caught my eye on the paper, and registered that I once knew an Alison Winson. I put it in the bin and thought nothing more of it. 

The other week in real life my sometime companion Richard and I drove through Farnsfield and made a pit stop to get some cat food for Tinkerbell. There were four people in front of me in the queue and the first was Robin, my ex boyfriend from 35 years ago. I thought what are you doing HERE?! (I happen to know he lives in Kegworth, Leicestershire, and this is 50 minutes away) Felt I’d seen a ghost.