Dream, 29th June, Anonymous

I am eating supper with my husband and Mark has joined us. It feels like there are Saturday night marauders outside. The doorbell rings and I don’t want to open the door so call ‘Who is it?’ It’s me Samson and I am hurt, let me in.’ ‘How do I know you are Samson’, the door becomes transparent, and I can dimly see a wounded young man. I let him in, and he tells me he has a severe wound behind his hair at the back of his skull, but he does not want to show it to me. I ask if he needs to go to hospital and he says, ‘Yes but I don’t know how’. I go to the computer to start looking up hospitals and get very confused. Mark gets up and says I am not interested in brains I am going to watch football on the television and proceeds to get frustrated with the controls. 

Tanya is suddenly there and asks Samson to show her his wound which he does. It is a huge raised and dangerous looking bruised graze. She says we must go to hospital now. I then say why don’t we go to a private accident and emergency instead of spending the rest of the night in A and E and Samson says that is an excellent idea. He is very lucid, but the wound is almost technicoloured and like a burn.  Then I remember that the private hospitals close at 8.30PM. We are all deflated. Mark takes no notice but continues watching the football match. Then, I say but he is so injured why haven’t we thought of calling an ambulance that way he will get privileged care. 

At that point I wake myself up by the energy of my feeling so pleased that I have found a solution!