Dream, 28th March, Anonymous

I have had a recurring dream about a child for the past 6 months. The child is not mine but I love it and want to care for it. Blond but gender unknown.

The child seems to be about 3 years old, and it is always with me, even if im dreaming about other matters. Nine times out of 10 this child is in my dream. I dream most nights.

Just before the weekend, the child went missing. As I am always aware that I am dreaming, I was shocked that the child for once wasn’t present in my dream. I woke myself up.

A day later, I dreamt that a Spanish detective/policewoman came to my door and said “we’ve come to help you find your missing child.” I was very upset, because I thought id never see the child again, so I woke myself up.

This weekend, my daughter and her husband decided to terminate a 4 week old feotus, that would have been my next grandchild. ( I already look after Sebastian, aged 1 and a half). 

Have I predicted this event in my dreams?