Dream, 28th February, Anna

In the dream, I found myself having passed away in a hospital due to complications from an infection. As a specter, I was situated in the kitchen of our family home when the hospital called. They informed me that they needed to relocate my body to a lower floor and asked  me to identify both my body and personal effects over the phone.

The hospital staff queried if I had arrived in my Volkswagen Beetle, which was indeed still parked in their lot, as I had never departed. They also inquired about my earrings and necklace, cherished jewellery gifted by my parents for my 18th birthday. Confirming their presence, I mentioned these items were from my parents, all while overwhelmed with tears.

I attempted to contact my mother, but my calls failed to connect. In the turmoil of my dream, I envisioned her entering the apartment of a sinister girl, igniting fears for her safety and the dreadful possibility that she might be harmed