Dream, 13th May, Anonymous

I am on a ship, and it is a luxury liner, like a very elegant hotel with white and gold fixtures. Clean, understated elegance. Almost French in design and architecture. There are very narrow hallways to go from place to place, and suddenly we are all told that the ship has a hole, and we have to get off, but we
are in the middle of the ocean. We are told that we have to report to the office and give them our names so we can be checked off a list before we are allowed to get off the ship. There is a huge line, and I realize that if I wait on the ship to get off, I will sink and die. I realize that this is nuts – the list and the people checking names are going to go down into the sea anyway, so what difference does the
whole thing make anyway. I decide not to wait online and just get off, and I get to the edge of the ship. It is broken in half and so you have to just jump off. I think that the water will be cold and maybe I will drown, but if I don’t jump I’ll die anyway so whatever. Here it goes. I jump and a huge wave, like a Japanese painting starts coming, and it is so beautiful. It is much more blue than the Japanese wave and the sea below the wave is calmer.

So I jump and the water is just perfect. It is a little cool, but it is perfect. It embraces me. As the waves come through, I float, and float and it is wonderful and calm as I am rocked.