Discussion on A Streetcar Named Desire at The Almeida Theatre on 26th January

I am delighted to be partaking in a panel discussion on A Streetcar Named Desire at The Almeida Theatre on 26th January.

“Undoubtedly our artistic climate is going to change through the world situation. . . . I think there is going to be a vast hunger for life after all this death—and for light after all this eclipse— 

People will want to read, see, feel the living truth and they will revolt against the sing-song Mother Goose book of lies that are being fed to them.”

-Tennesee Williams, November 29, 1941 

The following individuals will form the panel:

Dr Nick Losseff is neurologist at Cleveland Clinic London and The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery. He is best known for his development of Stroke Services in London. By working in in the field of brain injury he is all too well aware of the devastating impact that this has on patients and their families, and of the huge underrecognized mental health problems that run in parallel. He chairs a Physicians Health Committee at Cleveland Clinic London. 

Dr James Arkell was an NHS consultant psychiatrist in Kensington & Chelsea in general psychiatry and in eating disorders till 2014. He provides occupational health support at The House of Commons and British Airways, consulting both pilots and MPs. He also holds an honorary contract at the Royal College of Art; he is a clinical teacher at Imperial College Medical School; he provides psychiatric support for Cleveland Clinic London. He has supported development at the Almeida since 2005.  

Jane Haynes is a psychotherapist and writer. Lapsed from her Jungian psychoanalytic training she now works primarily through dialogue and relationship. 

After Perestroika she spent ten years working in St. Petersburg as a consultant to the first Russian psychodynamic training. Originally trained as an actress, Jane abandoned her career after reading RD Laing’s The Divided Self. 

Peter Hill  is a nephrologist at Cleveland Clinic London with a general and specialist NHS practice based between The Hammersmith Hospital, The Charing Cross Hospital and The Royal Marsden Hospital in London. He met Professor Patrick Maxwell during this time in Oxford and carried out research as a Wellcome Trust Clinical Fellow at Imperial College London into how oxygen affects the kidney. Dr Hill has over 20 years of experience in nephrology and medicine. He has an expertise in hypertension, acute kidney injury, chronic renal disease, dialysis and genetic causes of renal disease.