I am a chronic insomniac but fortunately neither do I need hours of sleep. Six is like a blessing from the Gods. The thought of requiring an alarm to wake me up would be the equivalent to a happy birthday. Last week my friend, who knows my insomniac energies well wrote to me from New […]


I was talking to a young woman today about whether she still needed to be on historic medications which began before our engagement. I find her fragile. But, more importantly she is absurdly wise and competent. Her reply astonished me with its beauty. ‘I suffer with incapable sadness.’ Yes, I thought, but silently. I didn’t […]

Tresillian House Dream Retreat

Meet the venerable Ralph totem beast of the Tresillian and guardian of your dreams. And, those ‘Bare ruin’d choirs, where late the sweet birds sang.’

Nature and Nurture.

I’ve just been staying on a Somerset estate which has the largest herd of British White cattle in the world. Yesterday, they came right up to our window, a field full of nursing mothers and their spring born calves. While these cattle are distinguished by their white coats and the fact that they do not […]

Spirit of the Place

Someone came to see me today who said something unforgettable. We were talking about their extensive knowledge of the plant Ayahuasca and I asked if they had ever done a ketamine infusion? ‘No, I have not. I am not interested in synthetic compounds. Plants have spirits.’ Talking about the Spirit of the Place, I think […]

Black Swans

I didn’t know that black swans really existed except in the imagination until we saw one in St. James Park. My companion took me to see one but we couldn’t find it on the waters. He returned and there it was. Perhaps such a sighting is a reminder that nothing can be predicted neither for […]


How to endure the pain of the quickening of the light? I saw the first buds of conkers on the horse chestnut trees in Regent’s Park today and my heart sank. A Day (I’ll Tell You How The Sun Rose) by Emily Dickinson I’ll tell you how the Sun rose – A Ribbon at a […]