Sunday 3rd May The Coronet Diaries.

Love, whose month is ever May,Spied a blossom passing fair Playing in the wanton air. Loves Labours' Lost (Photo John Haynes) I have no idea what I want to write about today. Inevitably, the words, Whereof we cannot speak thereof one must remain silent fall to mind, but that is to devaluate Wittgenstein's reference to the [...]

Wednesday 29th April. The Coronet Diaries.

Martin Scurr (Doctors Dissected) just sent me this nest in his clematis. Not crows but blackbirds. (Back at the beginning of March I published Martin's comments published in the Daily Mail medical section re COVID to beware of 'the normalcy bias) ! On the seashores of endless worlds children have their play. AN INTERVIEW ABOUT [...]

Nothing to say

Only a few weeks ago I felt full of creative energy and it seemed as if I could write about almost anything, no matter how indifferent. Words can take on an energetic life of their own and lead me into hinterlands. Writing requires emptiness. A full bowel will not do...It requires an empty stretch of [...]