Tuesday 19th May The Coronet Diaries

THE SAME TREE DIFFERENT LIGHT Yesterday I was Zooming with the lovely Rapunzel still locked-lonely in her tower whose only companion has been a lone magpie sitting high on her roof turret, One for sorrow, Two for joy for many days. Gazing down into her window, one aloof he stands sentinel. During our session Rapunzel [...]

Sunday 5th April The Coronet Diaries. Palm Sunday.

What rule is set forth by which Jehovah will be guided in executing his judgments? Ezekiel 14:12-20 VISION OF EZEKIEL 1912: DAVID BOMBERG I am not a believer except in Gaia. I have memories of being the only Jew in a Church of England school situated up a foreboding Holloway Hill in Godalming, Surrey in [...]