Saturday 30th May The Coronet Diaries

It feels as if we are already out of lockdown.  DEFRA and Bell have returned from an early morning excursion to Regent's complaining that there are more bodies than daisies. Bell reports , "There were loads of kids completely out of control with parents running everywhere trying to catch them. Most of them were on scooters and [...]


While I am drafting a blog about the adverb 'anyway' and its specific, repetitive and pregnant use in my consulting room, John is sifting through his archives to find a new series of portraits for me to upload. In contrast to the poignant examples that 'anyway' recurs in those conversation, I am not fond of [...]

‘If I Chance to Talk a Little’ Wild and the influence of RD Laing photographed by John Haynes

In my new book, If I Chance to Talk a Little Wild I explain that it was my reading of Laing's The Divided Self that led me to give up my fledgling career as an actor at the Royal Court Theatre and begin a journey to becoming a psychoanalyst. Albeit, after the rigorous journey to [...]

A wake for Sam

I get fed up of being sent ad hoc links and images to intrude and demand time, even when they are from my husband, John. But this one was a Christmas gift non pareil and further enriched by displaying John's portraits of Sam Beckett at rehearsal with the actress Billy Whitelaw. I had forgotten her [...]