Tuesday 21st April.The Coronet Diaries.

LAUREN BACALL IN 'SWEET BIRD OF YOUTH' 1985 (photo John Haynes) I have not succeeded in finding the metaphysical quote about 'owning your face' that precedes George Orwell's. My horn-playing, croissant baking, child training, civil servant, Rapunzel emailed me in the night to volunteer the reference below about character and the middle-aged face. I shall [...]

Monday 20th April. The Coronet Diaries. Boris Johnson missed five coronavirus Cobra meetings …

I've woken up not from a bad dream but in a rant. I am not a political person. Or, I was not before COVID 19. I regard myself as politically naive and lazy. I did not vote in the last election. Unacceptable, but as far as I am concerned for obvious reasons. Boris Johnson is [...]