Tuesday May 26th The Coronet Diaries

BLOOD LETTING ANTIBODIES TEST A RESULT OF ACCURATE TESTING STILL NOT BEING COMMONLY AVAILABLE Yesterday, I saw my daughter Tanya for the first time in nine weeks as she decided to return from family-lockdown-life in Hove. She drove to our house, fortunately she now has a convertible after not owning a car for I cannot [...]

Monday 25th May The Coronet Diaries

RASPUTIN'S SHIPWRECK .... MALPUS CORNWALL (Photo John Haynes) DOMINIC CUMMINGS MUST BE SACKED CHANGE.ORG PETITION. Today is blood letting day and my antibodies test. I was talking to someone on Zoom at the end of the week. They reminded me that during 2019 they wrote a diary for a year. Sometimes their daily entry was [...]

Sunday 10th May The Coronet Diaries.

THE SAME VERGE, THE SAME TREE, A DIFFERENT MORNING: Nothing endures but change. (Heraclitus) (photo John Haynes) It is Tori, my daughter-in-law's, birthday and Bell has appointed me her 'Master of Ceremonies'. John is occupied baking carrot cake. I have volunteered to produce omelettes and grilled asparagus for brunch. I hope to produce something as [...]

Saturday 18th April. The Coronet Diaries.

Hopes that coronavirus antibody tests could help the UK end its lockdown have been dealt a blow - after the World Health Organization questioned whether they offer any guarantee of immunity. (BBC NEWS) I fear my glittered leak about anti-bodies on Thursday was gold! Hmmmm. Not a good night, not at all. But I did [...]