Is enthusiasm the opposite of depression…

I haven't felt like sharing my thoughts or logging in for months, but today there is something I want to share. I have been struggling, wading or fumbling into the pages of Love in the Western World by Denis de Rougement. His thoughts are dense and intense and it's easy to give up the effort [...]

Quotes of the week

An excerpt from my doctor's e-mail when I complained to him about the side effects of a medication: 'Dear Jane, A very famous American Professor of Pharmacology,  Prof. Oliver Wendel Holmes Sr. (1809-1894)  said over a hundred years ago: "If all medications bar seven were thrown into the sea it would do much good to the [...]


'Researchers in Finland concluded in a paper just published on that one in three breast cancers detected in a population with a public breast screening program is overdiagnosed. Some cancers are harmless and will not cause symptoms or death during a patient's lifetime. The cancer grows so slowly that the patient dies of other [...]


Sometimes, when you are forced into the dentist's chair - with a heightened dread because you either fear another root canal filling, or even worse that an expensively maintained canal is in more trouble - if you are lucky the dentist, well mine does, will use the term 'Watch and wait.'This is because roots canals [...]