Friday 29th May The Coronet Diaries

RUMPELSTILTSKIN IS MY NAME! One of the symptoms of a narcissistic personality disorder is the terror of saying, "I'm Sorry'" It is rather like the fairy story of Rumpelstiltskin * where the protagonist is in terror of anybody finding out, or speaking his name. The inability to say 'I'm sorry' is often linked with an [...]

Thursday May 28th The Coronet Diaries

YOU ARE HERE (PHOTO BY JOHN HAYNES) BUT WHERE AM I ? WHERE ARE WE? A new phenomenon is creeping in when I talk to my 'patients'. They are confused. Rather more than three people already this week have expressed reluctance to go outside their homes. They report feeling confused, anxious about what they can [...]

Tuesday May 26th The Coronet Diaries

BLOOD LETTING ANTIBODIES TEST A RESULT OF ACCURATE TESTING STILL NOT BEING COMMONLY AVAILABLE Yesterday, I saw my daughter Tanya for the first time in nine weeks as she decided to return from family-lockdown-life in Hove. She drove to our house, fortunately she now has a convertible after not owning a car for I cannot [...]

Monday 25th May The Coronet Diaries

RASPUTIN'S SHIPWRECK .... MALPUS CORNWALL (Photo John Haynes) DOMINIC CUMMINGS MUST BE SACKED CHANGE.ORG PETITION. Today is blood letting day and my antibodies test. I was talking to someone on Zoom at the end of the week. They reminded me that during 2019 they wrote a diary for a year. Sometimes their daily entry was [...]