Saturday 13th June COVID 19 ALERT!


I have stopped blogging my Coronet Diary for the time being as I am creating a new consulting room at home and trying to write my Zoom Zoom essay. However, I have just received some disturbing news – which is worth sharing and is not being discussed in the media – from a medical colleagues who had COVID back at the end of March. He is young and fit. He was not ill enough to be admitted to hospital. Subsequently, he has been seeing patients in his clinic who have likewise recovered from COVID but who are now presenting an alarming spectrum of side effects which may remain with them for the rest of their lives.

He thought that he had been spared any such repercussions but on becoming breathless again, and after various medical tests and scans, it has been discovered that COVID has damaged his heart tissues and muscles, although it seems a full recovery may still be possible.

Our housekeeper’s daughter, who works in a care home, also had COVID around late March. Neither smell nor taste has yet returned.

Nobody at all knows much about COVID… And the Government don’t seem interested in listening to the clinicians.

While we may now be experiencing the best time in London it is unspeakable to think that yesterday in Brazil 900 people died. We should not for one second underestimate the pestilence of the COVID virus.

They knew as much about infection as we do now four hundred years ago let alone eighty.

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