Tuesday May 26th The Coronet Diaries



Yesterday, I saw my daughter Tanya for the first time in nine weeks as she decided to return from family-lockdown-life in Hove. She drove to our house, fortunately she now has a convertible after not owning a car for I cannot remember how many years. How else is it safe to get around London? I sat on the front steps and we chatted together in the noon day sun. The longest period of time I have found to sit outside since lockdown. It felt weird not to hug or invite her inside for lunch. She refused to walk through our house to the garden after being daring enough to treat herself to provisions in Selfridges food store. Daniel, (her son) tells me he is not returning to London until it is safe to jump into an Uber! Portia, his feisty sister, has already returned to London and cannot wait to get inside a night club. (She is twenty-five), and like Dan she works in the film industry, but in production.

For various reasons to do with changes in the house, now that I will we working at home until the beginning of next year, whether face to face or on Zoom, geographic changes are required and we are camping downstairs in our living space. Zen has decided to camp too!


(Having just got out of one challenging landlord’s contract I am reluctant to commit myself to another Marylebone consulting room until we see if the virus has burnt out, or will make an Autumn grand reprisal.) The solicitor who negotiated tells me that in future office rental leases will have a ‘Lockdown/Covid clause’ whereby you will not be required to pay rent during a pandemic! Yes, for various reasons I did not sleep well last night and was plagued with dark dreams. Today will be busier than usual to compensate for the bank holiday. Working on Zoom has not brought about any decline in demand.

Yesterday, I managed to do the antibodies test, rather my son did the procedure for me. I followed Doc Martin’s advice and held a hot cup in my hand for five minutes. Alex, before he recently trained to become a psychotherapist was both, in his youth, an ambulance driver, (a wonderful opportunity for driving over the speed limit legally ) and then Senior Manager in Risk and Security in the NHS. He is well positioned to blood-let. Surprisingly, it is not easy to prick the required amount out of a finger as the ominous presence of three pipettes rather than one indicated. The instructions recommend the little finger but that didn’t seem to make sense and we went for the plumper forefinger, thinking that perhaps it was more about not bruising a crucial limb. It proved almost impossible to draw blood. After several attempts we followed the instructions.. Extraordinary, blood dripped forth from the tiny pad to overflow. Bell was entranced by the operation. Tanya agreed to drop the test by the West End laboratory, which she later reported had two guards on the holiday- locked entrance. It made me think of Dracula. Who would be interested in tainted blood?

O Rose thou art sick. 
The invisible worm, 
That flies in the night 
In the howling storm:  (William Blake)

It seems that amongst my friends sour dough bread has moved down the Favourites list for the exchange of roses. Thank Gaia they are not showing signs of Blake’s sickness. I received living bouquets from two of my’ bestest’ friends over the weekend. Lesley and Christopher as illustrated below:

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