Sunday 17th May The Coronet Diaries

Hilary Mantel and Jane Haynes in conversation Autumn 2009

I am not writing a diary entry today in order to try and focus on my essay in progress:

ZOOM ZOOM! Is There Anybody There?

My grandson, Dan, sorry for the rhyme but now a man (our four grandchildren range from twenty-seven to one year) grew up by the sea. As a small boy he was fascinated by light and the celestial. As a film director he still is. We also share a reluctance to draw our curtains, block out natural light. Currently, he has exited from London and is in lockdown by the sea. He thought I might like this snap. I do. Thinking about Dan’s childhood reminds me that when he was seven I bought him the first edition of the first book in the Harry Potter series, which neither of us much cared for although he read them all. All are on his library shelf except for that first edition which he drowned in his bath.

LA LA LAND (Hove) DANIEL ABATAN Where to and Where not to worry about getting COVID

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