Monday 11th May The Coronet Diaries.

BRUNCH ( I don’t eat asparagus)

Those of us who are no good at baking seem to have become competitive about our omelette making. John hates me prowling about in the kitchen and it is true I did resign from being anything but his sous many moons ago but I can still wield a hot frying pan when I have to. Yesterday I cooked brunch for Tori’s birthday and managed omelettes and grilled asparagus. The secret is a very old frying pan.

Today I woke up feeling that I had a mote in my eye; the truth was that I must have been wresting with my pillow all night.

Not only do I have a mote in my eye but it seems that people waiting for and being disillusioned by Boris’s broadcast have one in their ears:

Don’t go to work, go to work. Don’t take public transport, go to work don’t, go to work, stay indoors, if you can go to work, go to work, if you can work from home go to work, stay outside, go indoors and work indoors if you go to work … And we then will do something … or other. (Courtesy Matt Lucas)

‘Normal People’ are not only now suffocating in the incoherence of ‘Boris’ but many are also in lockout. An inevitable challenge of lockdown is that it has also locked some very ‘normal people’ out of private lives Inscrutable our race may be but the truth will usually out. (Most commonly via a mobile phone.) Lockdown makes it equally difficult for ‘normal people’ to conceal something as vain as baby botox – lip fillers do their own broadcast – as it does an illicit visit to a sex worker, mistress, or master. Secret lives are also blocked out...

I have taken some of the day off to work on my zoom essay but there are many distractions. Something I am discovering now that ‘normal people’ are beginning to fall into disillusion is the pain of ending a session; not by getting up and walking towards the door, seeing the person out with whatever fond ritual is shared, but by pinging: ‘End Meeting’ feels, in this environment of increasingly heightened emotions, a little bit like psychic execution. Phew! Phew! The reality is that many more optimistic people than me held onto their hope that they would still wake up from our collective COVID nightmare and find:

this weak and idle theme, no more yielding but a dream.’

The Gala Charity Concert below for Musicians in Need is a must for anyone who cares about music. So passionate, so poignant, that note again it has a dying fall: the almost divine Antonio Pappano, Sir James and Lady Galway, Ian and Oliver Bostridge, Vikingur Olafsson, Simon Rattle

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