Sunday 10th May The Coronet Diaries.

THE SAME VERGE, THE SAME TREE, A DIFFERENT MORNING: Nothing endures but change. (Heraclitus)
(photo John Haynes)

It is Tori, my daughter-in-law’s, birthday and Bell has appointed me her ‘Master of Ceremonies’. John is occupied baking carrot cake. I have volunteered to produce omelettes and grilled asparagus for brunch. I hope to produce something as elegant as the one contributed by my competitor in last Wednesday’s entry. It is two other people’s birthdays; I have exhausted myself trying to work out the logistics of Paperless Post; unintentionally I have sent several expensive duplicates. Bell is feeling unwell. She has been on a seven day quest for perfection on her mother’s birthday and the suspense has proved too much. I can tell by her pallor that it is balloon-blowing exhaustion rather than fever.

I am listening to Andrew Marr interviewing Professor David Spiegelhalter who not only viscerates the Government briefings but predicates that perhaps half the country has already been infected. That might be my case, which, hitherto I imagined to be good news. I became ill with a mild but uncooperative virus which spawned a persistent dry cough, the first week in March. I don’t understand how Spiegelhalter’s hypothesis, which he credits as a positive fits in with the results of some French anti-body blood tests whereby patients are being warned that a-symptomatic infections do not produce enough iGg’ guarantee immunity.

So many questions without answer, or answers, too little ‘official’ whether government, or WHO, transparency to facilitate trust.

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