Wednesday 29th April. The Coronet Diaries.

Martin Scurr (Doctors Dissected) just sent me this nest in his clematis. Not crows but blackbirds. (Back at the beginning of March I published Martin’s comments published in the Daily Mail medical section re COVID to beware of ‘the normalcy bias) !
On the seashores of endless worlds children have their play.


Me: Bell will you share your thoughts with me about COVID-19? Can I interview you?

Bell: Sure

Me: Do you know exactly what Covid-19 is?

Bell: It’s a virus that can be serious sometimes and not so serious at others. We keep hearing about the ones who get very ill, but we don’t hear so much about the well ones who get better.

Me: How do you think it is contagious ?

Bell: from touching something else, from someone who has it, from touching the door handle.

Me: And where do you think it came from?

Bell: I think it came from meat, raw meat

Me: Why do you say that?

Bell: Just a fact I know. That we catch it from some tiny little germs covering our meat. And, then I’ve got an idea I’d have eaten those germs.

Me: You are a self selected vegetarian aren’t you?

Bell: Yes, I am, but I kinda eat smoked salmon although I am going off that a little bit.

Me: Do you know which country COVID originated from?

Bell: I kind of don’t know but I think it may have come from China, from Wuhan. It was quite a few months ago now.

Me: Annabelle can you tell me about your experience of lock-down?

Bell: I think it’s good in some ways and not in others. You can’t connect properly with your friends but it does teach you how to use the Internet safely. It stops factories working and producing all this smoke, gases and pollution which is bad for the environment which is a very good thing.

Me: What does lockdown feel like?

Bell: At first I liked it and I didn’t have to go to school and we had lots of family time, but now I really, really want to talk to my friends, to people of my age. Your parents always know too much and the baby doesn’t know enough. Zac just talks to himself all day. It’s a bit boring but if you don’t face your challenges in life then you are never going to overcome them.

Me: What do you see as your biggest challenge?

Bell: I met my friend in the park yesterday and we weren’t allowed to touch each other or even go two metres into each other. It was a bit sad not being able to touch a friend when you do run into them, it wasn’t my very best friend. You get kinda hyperactive even when you bump into people you don’ like. But this was one of my best friends I do like, but we couldn’t play Tag together.

Me: How do you spend your time now?

Bell: Watching TV but not very much, my mother is strict and she likes me to do lots of school work. She’s kind too. We spend family time together, eat together but like today it is a beautiful day and we can’t really go out. But most of the week we work, we have an app called Schoolology and we have to check out the Google slide to find out what we have to do. I do more work at home than school.

Me: How will you feel if lock-down continues indefinitely?

Bell: I would feel a little bit upset. But it might weaken first, it is too dangerous to go back to school, but I think it is going to be done by Christmas.

Me: Christmas. OK. Do you know what the Corona symptoms are?

Bell: You lose your sense of smell. You cough, you get a fever.

Me: Are you afraid of the virus?

Bell: No, I’m not afraid of the virus because not many people get it seriously. You only hear about the bad cases. I’m more afraid of getting an injury and having to go to a hospital and catching it there.

Me: Me too and that’s why I cannot bounce with you on the trampoline. What happens if people do get very ill.

Bell: You many get breathing issues and you have to go into special care and have people breathing air into you.

Me: Do you you think about dying?

Bell: No, because it is so unlikely you will get it seriously but that is why they are closing everything down to be sure. I think everyone is going to get it at some point but you don’t want to be the one that gets it seriously. My parents think it would be best if you got the virus later on.

What I do think is that there have been so many changes and too quickly. I don’t go to school any more. At first I was very happy, I couldn’t believe it but now I really, really want to be with my friends again. My brother was born. Everybody in the house is either on Skype or Zoom or texting all day. I am left by myself much more. My bedroom changed colour from pink to blue.

Me: But, Bell your bedroom changed over a year ago. Don’t you like the way it is now with the tree and birds on the wall? I thought you wanted it to be painted blue.

Bell: Yes, I love my bedroom. I love it but things have changed very quickly. Its not so good when everything in your life changes so quickly. You grown ups are all so busy all day and I have to do lots more things by myself that’s boring.

Doubts hang over Boris Johnson’s virus transparency pledge. The Financial Times


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