Thursday 9th April The Coronet Diaries.

April is the cruellest month, breeding. Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing. Memory and desire, stirring. Dull roots with spring rain. (Eliot)

Today has been a struggle, not the work, it rarely is except when I feel inadequate or ill informed in my response. No matter how tired I’m feeling after an insomniac night the triumphant shout of my last Zoom ‘patient’ tonight, ‘We’re connected!’ brings me back into excited animation. More of Zooming over the weekend.

I have had mixed thoughts about this picture of the Indian police inspector which I posted last weekend and then took down again in case it was perceived as ‘racist’. Since then a few people have written to me commenting on the photograph saying how powerful the imagery was. On reflection the oversize mask is very similar to the way the Greeks communicated important information through the masks or personas they wore in the ancient amphitheatres. It also carries the shadows of Carnival and the Carnivore of Covid.

Indian Police Inspector warning the unsuspecting villagers of the Covid19 beast. (Picture tweeted by Norbert Elekes)

I have just listened to Christopher Eccleston reading a poem written by Matthew Kelly paying tribute to the NHS workers which anyone who has not already heard should please take the time to listen to:

I have also been intrigued by the discussion on Start the Week about the differences between male and female biologies at a cellular level, their different immune systems and how this affects their susceptibility to Covid. I am not sure how to upload it Hopefully I will find out. In the meantime I would recommend Sharon Moalem’s book: The Better Half: on the genetic superiority of women. In a complex discussion about genes he provides evidence and explanation that there are more cases of tongue-tie and club foot amongst males and that women have a more advanced colour spectrum. I already knew about the tongue-tie statistic which is common knowledge amongst paediatricians. Also, I have frequently written about my own observation that young men are more susceptible to psychological developmental ‘traumas’ and that in my clinical experience with the exception of eating disorders, which are also increasingly common amongst young males, young women are less inclined than young males aged between 16- 25 to what our clinical team at work refers to as a ‘failure to launch’ or integrate their intellectual and emotional developmental assets into a stable adult personality.

My son Alex has found a moment to come and show me how to upload audio downloads.

START THE WEEK: PODCAST: Sharon Moalem in discussion.

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