Sunday 5th April The Coronet Diaries. Palm Sunday.

What rule is set forth by which Jehovah will be guided in executing his judgments? Ezekiel 14:12-20


I am not a believer except in Gaia. I have memories of being the only Jew in a Church of England school situated up a foreboding Holloway Hill in Godalming, Surrey in the 1950’s where nobody had yet seen a ‘Jew child’. I also remember being handed a palm cross in church and shredding it throughout the service. At that time I still believed in Yahweh. Because I do not look typically ‘Jewish’ I have witnessed frequent anti-Semetism in my life. It has been of the clichéd Shylock variety: Jews love money. Perhaps we do but hasn’t the rest of the world joined us… Isn’t our present version of ‘Hell’ – whereby we have each become afraid of the Other – primarily provoked by rampant materialism. Whereby, if we are destined to die of COVOID, we will die alone without mourners or family grieving beside of our bed. Is there a better definition of Hell? Lord why hast thou forsaken us? Instead of worshipping Nature we have chosen to worship the idols of Money, Excess and Greed.


 Today is our family day of rest except I can already see tasks mounting. We are out of bread so that means more John-flour-spilling. The children have formally taken over the living area . We now have a trampoline and dartboard and assortment of Zac’toys spilling everywhere. The kind of spill that makes me happy. I thought I would be able to use the trampoline too but DEFRA* came down and warned me that if I tripped or turned my ankle I would have to go to A and E and probably would not come home. No trampolining for me! I have two Skype’s to do that would not fit into the week before the Easter holidays and then we are scheduled to have film club with Bell tonight and watch Autumn de Wilde’s Emma; maybe it will encourage Bell to start reading Jane Austen, much better than school work.  

I have to have a Zoom lesson with my son because I still don’t know how to send out invitations. Bell does and speaks to her classmates regularly. Alex tried to explain it to me the other evening. I know there is nothing to it, I am just anxious about anything else that is new. It was too late and I came closest to tears and despair than at any other time since we found ourselves in this viral implode. It is a bit like my anxiety about playing Bridge. Yesterday, Bell me and John played a ‘pairs’ game. You have to match the cards to the different artists. Bell won outright. I didn’t mind as she is becoming familiar with different artist’s colours and styles, which gives us pleasure.  I forgot to add that when I was playing Bridge online on Friday Bell kept putting her head around the door to see what I was doing. Yesterday, she dropped into the conversation that she has learnt to play Bridge at card-club at school. We have now agreed she will join our group next week. No wonder kids are good at Bridge. Her memory astonishes.  Our teacher happens to be the Coach for the UK junior bridge team. We are a well-suited class as our own group continues to be very junior.

* I have already explained that my son and lovely daughter in law T are as ferocious as any of the border controls operated by the Department for the Environment and Rural Affairs, which we have encountered when trying to bring Dido across from Calais. We are grateful to have such fastidious love, care and protection, as I tend to lack caution. There is currently no room at the Excel Inn. 


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