Wednesday 1st April The Coronet Diaries ‘what fools we mortals be!’

Ian Holm as King Lear. 1997 NT production directed by Richard Eyre (photo John Haynes)

Damn! I’ve just realised it’s April Fool’s Day and as I keep remarking what fools we mortals be. Bell and me planned a fooling for her parents although she was worried not to make them more anxious. I wanted her to say she had seen a mouse under her bed, but I forgot to ‘drill’ her. I woke up without the energy to either meditate or do my yoga. No sooner had I sat down to Skype than flashing lights appeared and my computer looked as though it had been hit by lightening. I transferred my morning calls to the landline. It hadn’t occurred to me, a frequent migraine sufferer – although most times I am not afflicted by pain after the twenty minute firework display – but today the low grade headache has become more obstinate. It had not occurred to me that all this computer time was going to have its own fallout. Today, I’m passing by and just going to list the most important observations of the day.

  1. It is my ‘Best Friend’s’ birthday. I thank the ‘Pantheon’ for Amazon.
  2. Dido doesn’t just sleep in our bed now but once I start Skyping she lies beside my feet on her sheepskin rug.
  3. John seems to have been baking bread all day and preparing ‘nursery food’ for the children, except Bell a natural vegetarian has a sophisticated sense of flavour.
  4. Two or three people who have recovered from the virus (they happen to be women and it is evident that most women become less ill than the men) have told me they had not realised how crucial a sense of smell/taste was to their lives. One had privileged sight and the other hearing.
  5. As noted we have a street What’sAp but nobody has referred to the tragic death in our street which I find odd. Very odd. Yet, today when I am told there was an episode of unpleasant domestic violence which squalled out onto the street – I am grateful that I was not in the front row and only heard the police sirens – it was immediately reported on the What’sAp, “What is happening in our street”.
  6. COVID19 lockdown could not be less like conditions during the blitz when London was alive with life. And life enhancing defiance. The National Gallery lunchtime concerts given by Myra Hess are legendary. Clubs flourished, albeit they were mainly men’s. Many people were determined to defy death. People were making love and babies. The number of illegitimate babies tripled to 16.1 per thousand in 1945. People are still making love but we have no idea what the impact of the virus will be on babies either conceived or delivered. I have heard of two instances this week, which may be without significance, where early pregnancies (before fourteen weeks) that were showing robust signs of hormonal changes spontaneously aborted.
  8. Our Doctors group What’sAp highly recommend this thoughtful anti-hysteria video from a top doctor in Germany.

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