Friday March 27th. The Coronet Diaries.

It is 7.30 and I have made my bed, gargled, meditated and done my yoga with more ease and breath today. Swallowed some elderflower Sambucal Vit C. I have heard that our precious GP has turned the corner and is starting to find his breath again today.

Last night at 8 PM the majority of our street turned out to CLAP the NHS. We are a one way street and cars deliberately drove down it the wrong way hooting their horns. I have a beautiful video of it but once again need the services of my son to upload.

I think I will have a diary-rest-day as I have a busy Skype clinic and then this evening it is our Bridge Group. I don’t understand the technology which allows me to see my physical, (not a cyber substitute) dear friend Cornelia’s dummy hand and my own. We also combine the Bridge software platform with a video call of the four players and our wonderful teacher Laura who is far too clever to endure our fumbling hands and faltering memories but she is patient and kind. We all need to be patient and kind now.

I am hoping that over the weekend I will have the time to deconstruct another of my shadow sins and also to create a pictorial diary of Zen the cat’s day. Amy, the poet who wrote COVID19 responded to the picture of Zen saying I do want to turn into Zen – the most beautiful chicest mammal I’ve even seen 💕💕 Amy is pretty chic herself.

Zen relaxing

Because we have both young children and seniors in the house we are in complete lockdown for the next couple of days under the instructions of my son and his wife. Tori, in another professional incarnation used to be one of the NHS’s lead infection/public health control nurses, but she protests that she has forgotten the science, (although I notice her becoming increasingly pale) while we watch the statistics. Dido will become frustrated and we will have to intersperse our day with ball throwing sessions in our courtyard garden at the same time as making sure the ball neither goes over the wall or into the bushes where the thorns could hurt her eyes.

I have just completed my first Skype session with a ‘patient’ who was confined to bed. After talking to him I am not only worrying about Dido and Zen but also all the animals in London Zoo, (and every zoo) as apparently London Zoo will run out of funds in two months. There is only so much that the imagination can imagine in any twenty four hours. I recommended to him that he read that awesome novel:


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