A wake for Sam

I get fed up of being sent ad hoc links and images to intrude and demand time, even when they are from my husband, John. But this one was a Christmas gift non pareil and further enriched by displaying John’s portraits of Sam Beckett at rehearsal with the actress Billy Whitelaw. I had forgotten her ethereal beauty, her intelligence and grace. How, as John has described to me, Sam, like a mother bird, literally fed words as worms are fed to fledglings into her mouth. And who then knew how prophetic that jungle of words would become.

SAM FEEDING WORDS TO BILLIE the Royal Court Theatre Photograph by John Haynes 1979 ‘Happy Days’

Basquiat and Teeth.

Just seen Basquiat’s work for the first time in the phenomenal Paris exhibit. Ashamed to say it is the first time I have consciously been aware of his work as the Barbican exhibit passed me by… More later on Basquiat and Picasso in Paris but for now enough to say that like Beckett he was haunted/ hunted by Teeth.

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