Quotes of the week

An excerpt from my doctor’s e-mail when I complained to him about the side effects of a medication:

‘Dear Jane,

A very famous American Professor of Pharmacology,  Prof. Oliver Wendel Holmes Sr. (1809-1894)  said over a hundred years ago:

“If all medications bar seven were thrown into the sea it would do much good to the human race and much harm to the fish”.
 He was a clever man as he never mentioned which seven drugs were good for the human race! However my Professor of Pharmacology use to often ask us in our final examinations as to which seven drugs would we keep in our “doctors bag? This medicine is clearly not for you and we might even consider ‘throwing’ it into the Thames.” 

When I expressed my appreciation it was followed up by another quotation by Mark Twain:

“Be careful of reading health books. You may die from a misprint.”

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