Quotes/Word of the week.


Cornillon 08-07 223 copy

Antiquarian shop in Paris, John Haynes C 2008

WORD OF THE WEEK:  Lambent  (Latin lambent, lambens, present participle of lambere to lick)

Tongue of fire; 1647, Softly radiant 1717, Eyes with interior light,1867, (SOED).  Exhibiting lightness or brilliance of wit; clever or witty without unkindness. (Word, net, web, Princetown.)                                                                          


John Keats, Letter to Benjamin Robert Haydon, 8 April 1818: (Haydon later committed suicide on June 2, 1846)

Believe me Haydon your picture is a part of myself – I have ever been too sensible of the labyrinthian path to eminence in Art (judging from Poetry) ever to think I understood the emphasis of Painting. The innumerable compositions and decompositions which take place between the intellect and its thousand materials before it arrives at that trembling delicate and snail-horn perception of Beauty. 


There is in our body a certain instinctive sense of what is good for us, as in our hearts of what is right, which no doctor or medicine or theology can replace.

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