Who Is The Dionysius Of Pop?

No time to blog today, not until the weekend. And, it feels even  hotter at 6 am  than when I went to bed last night.

When I do, I might report on my grandson Dan’s response to Phaedra which I couldn’t face watching, and definitely on our argument – on the way to the Royal National Theatre – about who is the Dionysius of pop (or should I say rock) – Jacko or Jim Morrison.

I’m not much informed about ‘the moonwalk’ but I am fascinated by the way the moon has been visibly hanging out during the day all this week, except it was only when I got out into an open space – as we drove across Waterloo Bridge – that I could see her. Dan has been mesmerized by  her  midday presence across the Sussex coast, where he lives,  every day since Monday. I think his friend thought  we were quite mad, but he was thrilled to get my theatre seat. Dan thinks skywards.

Dan with his feet on earth.

Daniel 036 copy

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